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Wanda Pimentel

Each text is original.


The 1960s: the Pop Movement effervescing! It is here that Wanda Pimentel does an historic series of ink drawings on paper.


  • Now, they appear, printed on canvas;

  • Each screen with an intervention in painting, unique for each copy, done by the artist;

  • The set opens in a window with an acrylic frame;

  • Inside, a book of Fine Art on cotton sheets of paper, 300 grams, with drawings and the poem Tabacaria, by Fernando Pessoa;

  • A priceless handmade case;

  • Impressive wooden case goes with the book; 

  • Large format 70 x 50 cm;

  • Book and painting signed by Wanda Pimentel.


7-10 april 2016

SP-ARTE - Anita Schwartz galeria de arte



Editorial planning: Lucia Bertazzo and Leonel Kaz

Acrylic Frame: Joana Angert

Production: Maíra Atti and Julia Leite

Cover print: Zen Serigrafia

Binding: Palmarium

Book photos: Nana Moraes

Image processing: Inês Coimbra



Wanda Pimentel



UQ! Aprazível Edições, 2015-16

Portuguese edition

Format 70 x 50 cm


Edition of two series, each with 36 copies.



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