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Roberto Magalhães

Sem Pé nem Cabeça

Now is the time to say loud and clear the worth of the exhibition “Opinião 65” (opinion 65) at the Modern Art Museum in Rio, which made famous Antonio Dias, Vergara, Gerchman and Roberto Magalhães. For it is precisely with Roberto, that UQ! Editions and Galeria Marcia Barrozo do Amaral will launch during ART RIO an original work-installation with the spirit of freedom of “Opinião 65”; “SEM PÉ NEM CABEÇA" (without rhyme or reason).


What is this?


“SEM PÉ NEM CABEÇA” consists of a set of artwork that comes in an acrylic case that measures 70 x 50 cm and 8 cm deep.


Each kit contains an original Roberto Magalhaes, covering his 50-year career: 50 originals, chosen in a rigorous selection of historical importance and quality.


As there are two drawers in the case, one has A BOOK where all originals are reproduced (in large format) on 300-gram cotton paper: a strictly artisanal work. The other drawer contains a MYSTIC ROLL with Roberto’s enigmatic writing, also ready to go on the wall.


An edition of UQ! Editions, with design by Lucia Bertazzo. As Leonel Kaz writes in the book: "Roberto Magalhaes is, perhaps, the most Latin of our Brazilian artists, incorporating symbols, dissolved in time, of our Iberian ancestry. His drawings are not in time, just wires, strokes, lianas, vines, a tangle of lines and color pigments that originate in the artist's head. It is right there, in his apparently senseless imagination and emotional memory, that dwells this community of monsters, beings or things."


23 August 2016

Carbono Galeria, São Paulo

9 September 2015

ArtRio - Galeria Marcia Barrozo do Amaral




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Editorial planning: Lucia Bertazzo and Leonel Kaz

Acrylic frame: Joana Angert

Production: Maíra Atti and Julia Leite

Cover print: Zen Serigrafia

Binding: Palmarium

Book photos: Nana Moraes

Image processing: Inês Coimbra

Roll finish: Artes e Ofícios




Second edition: Aprazível Edições e Arte, 2016

Portuguese edition

Hardcover, format 40 x 28 cm

76 pages


Edition of 62 copies, consisting of two sequential and distinct editions.


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