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Luiz Zerbini

Congratulations on this new artist book you have produced with Luiz Zerbini.  It’s a extraordinary project on all sides and will set a new standard for both publishers and artists. 

Brent Sikkema, from SikkemaJenkins&Co art gallery, NY


  • Zerbini, grand master of contemporary Brazilian art, is revealed as an important graphic artist who produced a monumental work of art in two years of work;

  • Minhas Impressões is an artist’s book, accompanied by a signed monotype unique for each copy;

  • Large format 79 x 56 cm, with bamboo cover;

  • 14 impressions in Fine Art on cotton paper Hannehmülle 300 grams;

  • Nine of these prints are original engravings or woodcuts;

  • A large sheet in Museum Etching paper, 92 x 240 cm opens with laser profile and handmade painting in each copy;

  • Text by Leda Catunda printed on rice paper;

  • A profusion of interventions and handmade art-collagens in each work.


29 September 2016

ArtRio, Rio de Janeiro


Luiz Zerbini lança livro-obra na Art Rio [O Globo]


Editorial planning: Lucia Bertazzo and Leonel Kaz

Production: Maíra Atti and Julia Leite

Printer: Estúdio Baren

Photos: Nana Moraes

Papers: Hahnemühle, Sennelier, New York Central Art Supply e Papéis com Arte



Luiz Zerbini



UQ! Aprazível Edições, 2016

Portuguese edition

Format 79 x 56 cm






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