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Ferreira Gullar

According to Gullar, author of the Neo-concrete Manifesto (Manifesto Neoconcretista) at the opening of the craft book: "These collages in relief, shown here for the first time, arose by chance. In fact, I have been doing collages for a long time. Initially, I drew bottles, teapots and cups, I cut colored paper and glued on top. One day, however, I had already placed the cut-outs to be pasted on the drawing, when my cat swatted the paper and disarranged the cut-outs. I glued them just as they were: as a result the drawing was ordered and the colored parts, the disorder".


From this point on, Gullar produced 60 works, which have been transposed into steel in the original colours. Each of these works had only 3 copies (so there are two sequential editions of 30 works each). The set including the collage in relief and the craft book comes in an important wooden box on whose cover is printed:


Como um barulho  [Like noise]        

A manhã  [The morning]

Se desembrulha  [Unwraps itself]

No ar  [In the air]


It was this same way, almost an “unwrapping in the air," which gave birth to the collages in relief, as Gullar says: "I was cutting out green colored paper, when suddenly the back of this paper appeared in a different color: I pasted the cut-out as it was, that is, the green piece and the opposite side that was grey and had appeared unexpectedly. And so the collages in relief were born, which I began to do in a larger format. My friends when they came to my house and saw these collages were enthusiastic (...) claiming that it did not matter whether I am an artist or not; what mattered was that the collages in relief were beautiful and original."


The book-art consists of a craft book and a metal collage in relief, both by Gullar. The design and production of the ensemble are by Lucia Bertazzo and Leonel Kaz UQ / Aprazível Editions, in partnership with Peter Cohn’s Dan Gallery.


12 November 2014

Dan Galeria, São Paulo


26 November 2014

Graphos Brasil, Rio de Janeiro


27 June 2015

Lemos de Sá, Belo Horizonte



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Collages and box | Arte e Ofícios

Photography | Nana Moraes

Prints | Alea Melo and Erilma Leal

Finishing | Maíra Atti and Julia Leite

Imaging | Inês Coimbra

Binding | Palmarium 


Ferreira Gullar



Aprazível Edições e Arte, 2014

Portuguese edition

Hardcover, format 43 x 28 cm

68 pages | 30 colored images


Edition of 180 copies, consisting of two sequential and distinct editions of 90 copies each.

Each edition includes a book numbered from 1 to 90 and a collage in relief numbered from 1/3 to 3/3.


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