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30 May 2015

Galeria Leme, São Paulo



“Galpão gaveta” de Paulo Climachauska [sp-arte]



Metal box and T-squares | Bezerra

Canvas and mirrors | Artes & Ofícios 

Binding | Palmarium 

Finishing | Maira Atti, Alea Melo, Erilma Leal e Julia Leite

Photography | Nana Moraes




Paulo Climachauska

Can a drawer be a work of art? Yes, it can. Not one, many. The Galpão Gaveta (Warehouse Drawer), invention which is attributed to artist Paul Climachauska, holds a multitude of objects. Shall we count?


1. A steel kit, painted orange, 50 x 40 cm (9 cm tall!) which contains... a drawer.


2. The drawer, in turn, has six (6) other objects.


3. The first one is an original painting on a canvas-covered card. That’s right: an original in acrylic ink, signed on the back.


4. The Book of Sand, covered in fabric, shows graphic arabesques of what is going through the head of the artist.


5. The Book of Mirrors, also covered in fabric, opens to a firmament of numbers (you know our artist loves numbers, right?).


6. Another case holds five engravings and an amazing text, all printed in silkscreen on acetate, revealing warehouses in perspective - here called "Cathedrals".


7. A pair of T-squares in nickel-plated steel emerges from the box and stands upright, like sculptures.


In the text that goes with the work of 7 items and 18 copies there is written:


The Galpão Gaveta, the one you just read, was initially inhabited in June 2012. Galpão (Warehouse) is where the extract of beings and the greatest of things is deposited. They can be lived in, yes!, by poets and sketches. That's what Paul Climachauska decided to do when he began collecting rulers and compasses, canvas and inks, paper and mirrors. All this collected within his imagination and transformed into living matter: the Drawer. 


The edition by UQ! Editions was executed by Tácia Costa, Lucia Bertazzo and Leonel Kaz.


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