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11 April 2015

Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro


15 August 2015

Casa das Rosas, São Paulo



Obra do poeta Haroldo de Campos vira um múltiplo com 32 peças [Estadão]


As galáxias de Haroldo de Campos e Antonio Dias, 40 anos depois [O GLOBO]



Associate editor | Leonel Kaz 

Finishing | Maíra Atti and Laura Yanina

Binding | Palmarium

Assistants | Erilma Leal and Julia Leite

Acrylic | Joana Angert

Printing| Studio Alfa and Zen Serigrafia

Letter press | Estúdio Baren

Hotstamping | Valter Damião

Foam | Spumapaper

Mirrors | Artes e Ofícios 

Woodwork | Eduardo Juannes

External box | Deusirene Francisco

Video | Ana Bertazzo and Estudio Cru

Photography | Maurício Nahas

Imaging | Orlando Lemos and Inês Coimbra


Antonio Dias and Haroldo de Campos

Conceived by Antonio Dias, together with poet Haroldo de Campos (1929-2003) in the early 1970s, “galáxias” has the same name as the famous poem-book of the concretist poet. More than 40 years later, the project has the participation of designer Lucia Bertazzo for its production.


The edition of 93 copies in a large format – 70cm x 50cm, 7cm thick – “galáxias” consists of a fiberglass case covered in fabric (each numbered and signed by the artist).


Inside the case are 32 graphic works, grouped and enclosed in 10 wooden boxes with a skin motiv print, a recurrent theme in the artist’s work.


These objects of art – all processed by hand – follow the artistic career of Antonio Dias during the 1970s. An artist’s book? More than that: a true art installation in a box!


The production of "galáxias", by UQ / Aprazível Edições, required four years of careful work, with hundreds of trials and prototypes, and a huge diversity of materials used: fabric, acrylic, foam, plastic, cotton, parchment. Printing was also in a variety of forms such as typography, hot stamping, silkscreen and au pouchoir.


Public collections

MAC (Collection João Sattamini), Niterói

MAM (Collection Gilberto Chateaubriand), Rio de Janeiro

Pinacoteca, São Paulo

Daros, Zurich

MoMA, New York

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