Infinite and Instant Grammar:

the sum of the more than contemporary language of Alex Flemming to the lyricism of Agualusa.

Imagine that, from within each copy, a unique work of the contemporary Portuguese artist, a work that unfolds on the wall.

A profusion of interventions and handmade art-collagens in each work.

An artist's book, in which each copy is an original.

For the first time, signed Krajcberg photos in unprecedented frame-book.

An original work by Roberto Magalhães, Sem pé nem cabeça (Without rhyme or reason) reverberates the spirit of freedom of 1965 exhibition "Opinião 65"

Galpão (warehouse) is where the extract of beings and the greatest of things is deposited. They can be lived in, yes!, by poets and sketches. That's what Paul Climachauska decided to do.



Gullar decided to reveal the reverse side in 60 works


By Antonio Dias and Haroldo de Campos, Galáxias (Galaxies) is more than an artist’s book: a true art installation in a box!


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