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Leo Battistelli

"Las Esferas de la Percepción" is the title of the still unpublished book by Leo Battistelli, edited by UQ Editions. Each is a unique object, consisting of an acrylic base (which goes to the wall with 70 x 50 cm) supporting colored ceramic spheres. Along with the object, an incredible handmade book, with the surface of the cover also with ceramic elements, cotton paper of 300 grams and printing in Fine Art. Each object is part of the molecular structure of hallucinogenic plants that, according to the artist, expose the similarities of plant and human chemical structures. It was the same understanding of the work of Leo that had the physicist Marcelo Gleiser, author of the textbook of the Las Spheres de la Percépcion: "As we look at Battistelli's work, the dance of colors, the superposition of symmetry and asymmetry, the mixing of molecular science with the distorted and extended experience of reality, we glimpse our essence, flirting, even for ephemeral moments, with the mystery of Creation. "There are four molecules. The set of only one of them will result in a truly dazzling look.

28 copies


27-30 september 2018

Art Rio, Rio de Janeiro

Marcia Barrozo do Amaral Galeria de Arte


Editorial planning: 
Lucia Bertazzo and Leonel Kaz

Text: Marcelo Gleiser
Translation: Marina Mariasch & Camila do Valle

Production: Julia Leite

Photos: Nana Moraes

Image Processing: Inés Coimbra

Paper: Museum Etching Hahnehmühle

Binding: Palmarium

Acrylic Base: Joana Angert

External wood box: Marcenaria Costa Verde



Acrylic Base

50 x 70 cm

Colored ceramic espheres



UQ! Aprazível Edições, 2017

Portuguese edition

Format 50 x 70 cm

Print on Museum Etching Hahnehmühle paper, 300 grams

28 copies with unique works


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