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Alex Flemming and Agualusa

This piece by Alex Flemming, a Brazilian contemporary artist based in Berlin, is grounded on his selected Instagram postings, which became a collection of objects with images printed on steel, in optical effects, and a handcrafted book. 

It all started to take shape in summer meetings, in Lisbon. First, there were the selected images from Instagram (@alexflemmingberlin), processed by filters and colors. The whole process was developed in Lisbon. Thenceforth, the meeting with José Eduardo Agualusa had a remarkable effect: he decided to take part on the project, coming up with the beautiful title of this artist book and creating 20 original poems.

Infinite and Instant Grammar consists in an unique metal piece and a handcrafted book. The Portuguese edition has 24 original works, signed by both the artist and the writer. 24 extra pieces will compound the Brazilian edition. 


23 november 2017

curatorship Adelaide Ginga

Gallery Le Consulat

Praça Luis de Camões, 22 | Lisbon


Editorial planning: Alex Flemming, Lucia Bertazzo e Leonel Kaz

Production: Julia Leite

Printing on aluminum: Print Factory
Acrylic frame: Inovacril
Enamelled plate: E. E. De Sousa & Silva

Binding: Atelier Dreieck de Paris

Pedro Cabrita Reis



UQ! Aprazível Edições, 2017

Portuguese Edition

Format 37 x 37 cm

Printing on PhotoRag Duo paper, 276 grams of Hahnemühle

24 copies with unique works obras únicas (each edition)



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